$OASIS is the main currency in the OASIS Metaverse

OASIS Token Use Case

$OASIS can be used to purchase:
  • in-game assets
  • land
  • farming tools
  • cosmetics for the avatar.

Staking Rewards

$OASIS tokens can be used in the system to earn staking rewards. It is designed to encourage users to hold tokens and support the ecosystem.


Token holders are allowed to participate in the decentralized governance process that decides on the use of revenues, game development and growth of the metaverse.

Gamified Finance (Staking Yield)

Based on our staking and reward projections, we will be able to allocate a fair amount of tokens into staking rewards. This will incentivize stakers to hold their tokens during the early stages of the game development while some game features will still be under development.

NFT Collateral

When a user purchases an NFT from the system, a percentage of the purchase price goes into a special collateral account associated with NFT. The user then has an option to sell it back to the system (i.e. destroy the NFT) for the price equivalent to the locked collateral (or a percentage of it). When a purchase is completed in OASIS, a small percentage of the tx fee will be burned (creates deflationary).

NFT Rental

NFTs, including land, can be rented to other players. The smart contract will assure that the borrower cannot resell or destroy the object, and ensure that the object returns to the owner when the rent period ends.

NFT Marketplace (AGORA)

Game items could both be traded through the in-game marketplace and also the NFT marketplaces on other blockchains. It creates liquidity for the assets created through the game and also encourages more players to participate in establishing the OASIS world.